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Evaporation Control Systems Pty Ltd

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The private company, Evaporation Control Systems Pty Ltd, was registered in Australia in 1999 to commercialise the intellectual property developed by Warwick Hill.

The intellectual property is held in two patents in the name of Warwick Hill and a registered trademark; E-VapCap ® these patents were the culmination of many years of research, development and experimentation, largely on the family farming property in Queensland, Australia. As a former lecturer in Accounting and Commercial Law, Warwick is well qualified to examine the economics of applying this system of evaporation control to particular situations.

The patents protect the Method & System for the construction and deployment of large-scale, self-supporting, evaporation control floating covers and the specialised equipment that allows the construction of the floating cover on water if necessary.

Evaporation Control Systems (ECS) holds a licence to exploit the intellectual property held in the two patents and to use the Trademarks.

ECS has formed a relationship with SAA, a subsidiary of the global Sealed Air Corporation of the USA, for the manufacture of the jointly developed, unique material - E-VapCap. The E-VapCap trademark has been sub-licensed to Sealed Air Australia.
Darling Downs Tarpaulins (DDT) of Toowoomba, Queensland, CE Bartlett Pty Ltd of Ballarat,Victoria and Ertech of Wangara,Western Australia are licensed to fabricate and install the ECS covers.

ECS is heavily involved in further developing the system of evaporation control that brings with it a number of ancillary benefits:-

  • Reduced algal and weed growth in the stored water
  • Minimised salt concentration in the stored water
  • Reduction of wave action that causes bank erosion on unlined storages
  • Reduced turbidity of the stored water.
The system has been designed to admit into the storage all rainwater that falls on the floating cover if desired and to emit any gas build up which may occur from decaying organic matter in the stored water. It also allows for variation in water level.
Modular covers have been developed for large storages.
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ECS Products :: Evaporation Control Systems Profile