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ECS Products :: Evaporation Control - Test site at Meandarra,QLD

Year : 2000
Area : 400m2
Task : To test evaporation rates and the effectiveness of applying a cover for evaporation mitigation.
Two specially constructed dams were built side by side. Both were lined to eliminate possibility of losses of water through seepage. One was covered with a specially designed E-VapCap floating cover and one was left uncovered. Measurements were kept to gauge effectiveness of the cover in reducing water loss through evaporation. Similar records kept for small concrete troughs on dam bank.
Result :- The uncovered storage lost almost all of the water to evaporation over the summer period. The covered storage level remained the same and even increased in depth after rain. A similar result was had from the concrete troughs although much more quickly. This indicated that the floating cover was an effective in reducing evaporation.
Controlled testing of evaporation from farm storages
Test site - Lined but no cover
Tethered floating cover on test storages
Test site adjacent to dam above- Lined and covered with a tethered, floating E-VapCap cover .
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ECS Products :: Evaporation Control - Test site at Meandarra,QLD