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ECS Products :: Awards for E Vap Cap's Floating Cover

Recognition of E-VapCap® 

  • Featured on Australian television show, Landline, 2002 demonstrating the installation of a floating cover on a water storage for the mitigation of evaporation, minimisation of salt build up, algal control, and effects of wave action on banks..
  • E-VapCap was selected for assessment in a comparative study initiated and funded by Queensland State Government under the Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative. This independent assessment indicated E-VapCap was up to 100% effective in saving evaporation at a cost of approximately A$300 per megalitre.
  • E-VapCap installer, DDT of Toowoomba, Queensland, won both the Australian National Award of Excellence for Geosynthetic Projects in 2003 and subsequently the International Award of Excellence from the Industrial Fabrics Association International, Las Vegas, USA, for an on-water installation of a floating, 42,000 sq. metre E-VapCap evaporation control cover.
  • Assessment by GHD Engineering of Evaporation Reduction Techniques conducted for Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines. PDF

  • Queensland Department Primary Industries Achievement Awards - Finalist in Innovation, Research and Development, 2004 for the development of a floating cover for open water storages for the control of evaporation, minimisation of salt build up, algal control and reduced turbidity.

  • ABC TV - The New Inventors - Winner Episode 31, 2004 Floating dam cover for evaporation mitigation and odour control.
  • Featured on Japanese television, Professor Masaru Kitano's Ecology Worldwide Special, 2005,  demonstrating the E-VapCap floating cover for evaporation control  and water saving.
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ECS Products :: Awards for E Vap Cap's Floating Cover