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Feedlot - Trenched floating cover
This patented system of evaporation control is based around a floating cover made from light-impervious polyethylene sheeting that is environmentally benign.It will minimise evaporation from large water storages. According to independent university testing E-VapCap ® effectively stops 90%+ of the water vapour loss to the atmosphere ( up to 100%).
Barossa Valley - trenched cover
It also:
  • Reduces algal growth
  • Reduces salt build up
  • Maximises rainfall retention
  • Reduces wave action
  • The floating cover consists of a unique, multi-layered, polyethylene membrane 540 microns in thickness that contains its own buoyancy cells. It carries a 5-year pro-rata warranty against UV breakdown due to sunlight exposure (independent NATA laboratory testing indicates a much longer "life" expectancy than 10 years). Optional thicker material, up to 850 microns is available giving greater warranty and a design life of 20 years.
    The multi-layering enables the floating cover to reflect some of the sun's heat as the top of the material is white, while the under layers are black, completely eliminating the transmission of light to the water underneath.
    The material is environmentally safe polyethylene. This is commonly used in food packaging and can be recycled at the end of its usefulness as a cover, whenever that may be.
    There are now over 100 E-VapCap covers installed on water storages throughout Australia.
    In addition to general evaporation mitigation the applications have included:-
      • prevention of algal growth - (Stanthorpe Qld) Trenched floating cover saving evaporation - Boddington mine
      • security of water
      • for cattle feedlots - (North Star NSW)
      • wine grape production - ( Barossa, SA)
      • tree crops, walnuts, avocados, etc - (Horsham, VIC)
      • Bauxite Mining - (Boddington, WA)
      • reduction of odour emissions - (Kalgoorlie, WA)
      • exclusion of rainfall in manufacturing process - (Nowra, NSW)
      • clarification of water for hydroponics - (Blackbutt, QLD)
      • water quality/security for remote defence installation - (QLD)
    Sealed Air Australia Pty Ltd (SAA), Evaporation Control Systems Pty Ltd (ECS) and Darling Downs Tarpaulins/ (DDT) have joined forces to produce this unique product for the evaporation control in water storages and reservoirs.
    The engineers of Sealed Air Australia (pioneers of packaging bubble material) formulated this specialized black and white polyethylene, bubble product with an enhanced performance life. The upper surface of white U/V stabilized material reflects the heat while the black underside prevents the penetration of light thus retarding biological action.
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